About Our Company & Cute Toddler Outfits

Hey everyone! Welcome to Safe Haven, we're so glad you're here! 

I guess you're wondering who we are and where we come from! Let me take a moment to introduce Safe Haven so you can come to know us better. Our goal is simple: to offer you the trendiest baby apparel, cute toddler outfits, and accessories available on the market without sacrificing your budget!

I am a wife and mom, raising two amazing children in Dallas Texas. So why Safe Haven? There is nothing more beautiful than the spirit of a child! My words fall flat when I try to describe how I was forever changed when these two beautiful souls came into my life. Their names are Cooper Davis and Ellery Arden.

Although they are 14 and 12 now and I cannot dress them any longer, believe me I still try! So you see, if I can not dress my own kids for heaven’s sake please let me dress yours! They are my inspiration for Safe Haven and for that I am also grateful!

Our aim is to provide our Safe Haven family with adorable baby apparel, cute toddler outfits, or trinkets that keep your child happy, at prices that keep you happy!

Our customers are our top priority and through our clothing and accessories, we hope to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with you. 

This has been one crazy fun-filled experience and we hope to continue this journey forever!

-The Safe Haven Team